Itunes Can Now Be Downloaded From the Microsoft Store

Photo by methodshop .com from Flickr

iTunes can now be downloaded from the Microsoft Store for computers that are running Windows 10.

Originally, Microsoft originally announced iTunes for its Windows 10 app store in 2017 during the annual Build developer conference of the company. The app was originally planned to be launched by the end of last year. However, it quietly missed its release.

iTunes has existed on Windows, and it is not like the users of Windows 10 could not just download and install the app from Apple.

The arrival of the app in the Microsoft Store is more notable for the users of Windows 10 S, whose computers cannot install apps from anywhere but the official app store of Microsoft.

Originally, Windows 10 S was introduced as a special version of the Windows 10 that is designed for educational institutions. It is still mostly the full experience of the Windows 10, but it is said to be more secure since users are not able to install non-approved apps willy-nilly and possibly download malware or virus.

Users of Surface Laptop who did not take advantage of their Windows 10 Pro free upgrade now have a way to access and download videos and music that they have purchased from the iTunes Store, connect their iOS devices for backup, and stream Apple Music.

The app is now  17 years old. It has been criticised for becoming overloaded as new features are introduced. Numerous critics have called on Apple to break it up into several apps or redesign it. People could argue that iTunes is not necessary anymore when the iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Music, and iCloud already exist, but people would be surprised at how many users still prefer to back up their iOS devices or manage their music the old-fashioned way.