Jacob Rees-Mogg: Short Extension To The Brexit Timetable Is Possible


Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Eurosceptic Conservative, has said that he could accept a small extension to the timeline of Brexit if Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, pursued his plan. His remarks come as a major shift of stance for the highly influential Eurosceptic MP.

Rees-Mogg claims that a delay to the date that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union could be permitted if a deal with the European Union is struck along the lines of the so-called Malthouse Compromise.

His comments came as Liam Fox and Philip Hammond became the latest Cabinet ministers to raise the possibility of a delay, in what was perceived as a sign that the UK Government is preparing the public to what many MPs regard as an unavoidable postponement of Brexit.

The British Chancellor suggested that “everybody on both sides” would give a “reasonable response” to a delay if it was necessary to pass legislation, while the International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox, said that a “short delay” would be acceptable to “most MPs.”

After the original plan of the British Prime Minister was rejected by Parliament, Rees-Mogg has placed forward a new plan that is called the “Malthouse Compromise.” It is named after lawmaker Kit Malthouse, one of its proponents.

The plan promises to abandon the Irish backstop border policy. It also appeals to pro-EU Tory members by promising safeguards against the risk of a disruption should a “no deal” scenario happen.

In an article that he wrote for The Telegraph on Saturday, he wrote: “Currently, there are only 55 days left to Brexit.”

He continued: “This makes the timetable tight for agreeing and legislating for a deal.”

He added: “If the agreement were made but a little parliamentary time were needed … a short extension is not impossible.”

In recent days, other members of the cabinet of the British Prime Minister have suggested that an extension to the March 29 Brexit deadline is necessary.