Jaguar’s I-PACE Features Cool Alexa Skill and Over-the-Air updates


Today, Jaguar showed off the company’s first all-electric vehicle, an SUV that is called the I-PACE. The vehicle is designed to rival the Model X of Tesla and the forthcoming electric vehicles such as the Audi E-Tron.

The company is owned by Tata Motors. It introduced its I-PACE with more than a unique battery pack. The I-PACE will be the first of the cars of Jaguar that can receive some “over-the-air” updates on its software.

Additionally, Jaguar has designed an Alexa skill that will work in conjunction with the company’s “Jaguar InControl Remote App” for the I-PACE.

The skill allows drivers to remotely check their vehicles, by asking an Echo, or any other device that is enabled by Alexa, what is happening while they are away. The driver can ask questions such as: Is the car locked? Fully charged? Where did I park it? Where’s the nearest charging station?

Oon Thursday, in a livestreamed demo, Jaguar showed some users asking if their car had enough of a charge in order to get to the office.

Lexus, Toyota, and some other automakers have also included Alexa into the on-board software of their vehicles.