Japan ‘Poised to Begin Trade Talks with UK’


Japan is ready to start informal trade talks with the UK to ensure a swift trade deal after Brexit.

Shinzo Abe’s administration has signaled a plan to open a dialogue with the UK while it stays in the EU bloc, even though formal bilateral discussions cannot begin until it has left the alliance.

More than 1,000 Japanese corporations presently operate in Britain employing more than 140,000 people in the nation, while Japan’s direct investment in the UK has reached £71bn.

Japan and the EU started a new era of partnership in the early 90s and launched free trade talks in 2013. Notwithstanding, the parties are still negotiating tariffs on food, drink, and cars after 18 bouts of negotiations.

Mr. Abe said over the weekend that he would strive to reach a Japan-EU free trade deal through a visit to Germany to attend a G20 summit next month.

The Nikkei, a Japanese newspaper, said “the Japanese and British governments will prepare talks behind the scenes” in the coming months.

Japan is currently locked in long-running agreements with the EU to secure a trade deal.