Japanese Online Giant GMO Releases Open Source Blockchain Job


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GMO Internet is broadening making use of blockchain innovation to services beyond cryptocurrencies.

Web giant GMO Internet Inc. of Japan today revealed the launch of the GMO Blockchain Open Source Software Project (GMO Blockchain OSS). The system will enable users to establish programs using blockchain as open source. In a very first effort by the company using this platform, the company has established an open source medical record sharing system and released it on July 6th, 2017.

The GMO Blockchain OSS (totally free to customize, totally free for commercial) programs can supporting genuine service advancement using blockchain innovation. Blockchain innovation allows users to tape and maintain information which can be dispersed on numerous computer systems. The system is popular for its fraud-resistant abilities and no downtime for a low expense. This assists the medical professionals gain access to the case history of clients rapidly, in times of emergency situation, as quickly as the user admits to the very same.

The company provided a declaration on the sidelines of the launch of GMO Blockchain OSS: “As the very first effort, we have now developed a Medical Record Sharing System based upon Z.com Cloud Semi-Public Blockchain and began supplying open source from today. We will continue to release open source programs that satisfy different needs in the future. ”

GMO Internet is investing huge on establishing brand-new services using blockchain innovation. This appears from the company’s involvement in the cryptocurrency exchange and trading business through the freshly developed GMO Wallet Co. Ltd. and launch of the Z.com Cloud blockchain and ConoHa blockchain for simple development of dispersed blockchain applications.