Jean-Claude Juncker: Boris Johnson Talking ‘Total Nonsense’ About the EU

    By European People’s Party [CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons

    Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, has said that Boris Johnson is talking about “total nonsense” by claiming that the EU chiefs want to turn the bloc into a superstate.

    When asked for his reply to the comments that were made by the Foreign Secretary, Juncker informed reporters in Brussels that he was “strictly against” the idea of an EU superstate.

    Juncker said during a press conference: “Some in the British political society is against the truth, pretending that I am a stupid, stubborn federalist, that I am in favour of a European superstate.

    “I am strictly against a European superstate. We are not the United States of America, we are the European Union, which is a rich body because we have these 27, or 28, nations.

    “The European Union cannot be built against the European nations, so this is total nonsense.”

    Johnson had accused leaders of the European Union including Juncker of wanting to create a superstate that is similar to the ones that were sought by Napoleon or Hitler, but “by different methods” during the EU referendum campaign.

    Last Wednesday, the Foreign Secretary rendered a speech claiming that the Brexit represented a “natural desire for self-government of the people, by the people, for the people” and a break from the plan of EU politicians to “create an overarching European state as the basis for a new sense of European political identity.”

    Other politicians of the European Union also piled in against address of Johnson, in which the Foreign Secretary said that Brexit serves as an extension of the principle of “liberal idealism.”

    The leader of the Liberal group in the European Parliament and the Brexit co-ordinator of the body, Guy Verhofstadt, stated: “Putting up barriers to the movement of trade and people and suggesting that the identity of citizens can only be national is not liberal – it’s quite the opposite.”

    The comments of Juncker came after he made a speech setting out his vision for the future of Europe, with a bicameral legislature and a directly elected single president.

    Juncker stated: “In the next European elections we need to make changes, make sure that Europe is at the heart of the whole electoral campaign.”

    However, Juncker said that proposals such as trans-national lists and the merging of the European Commission and the European Council presidencies would not be possibly implemented during his mandate because of a lack of support from the member states.