Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonell Revealed How Much They Earned in 2017

    Photo by Garry Knight/Flickr

    Their personal tax returns have been published by John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, and Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party, once again, saying that the public would not trust them unless they are open regarding their tax affairs.

    The take-home pay of Corbyn, which includes his pay as a leader, his pension, and his salary came to £136,762. Corbyn has no second job and holds no shares or stocks, and he does not have a trust fund. He paid tax amounting to £48,079.

    On the other hand, McDonnell received an income amounting to £87,353 and paid £24,099 in tax. He was able to receive a small dividend from the savings that he has in a credit union which he helped to set up in his constituency. However, he owns no shares and also benefits from no property assets or trust fund.

    Corbyn stated: “Tax avoidance and evasion deprive our public services of tens of billions of pounds every year and will only be tackled if we have the political will to do it.

    “We cannot expect the public to trust us as party leaders if we are not prepared to be open and honest about our own tax arrangements.”

    Corbyn’s Labour party said that Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, has not published a full tax return and Philip Hammond, the chancellor, has never published any tax return.