John McDonnell Will No Longer Appear on Russia Today

    Photo by Garry Knight from Flickr

    John McDonnell of the Labour Party has said that he has decided to no longer appear on the state media network of Russia.

    Talking on the Andrew Marr show on the BBC, McDonnell, the shadow chancellor said that the coverage of Russia Today “goes beyond objective journalism.” He also said that he would be urging his colleagues to turn down the offers to appear on the Russian channel.

    The shadow chancellor says that his colleagues should shun the Kremlin-funded channel after the Skripal attack.

    The decision of the shadow chancellor comes after Sergei Skripal, the Russian spy, and Yulia, his daughter, were poisoned in Salisbury.

    The shadow chancellor is one of the MPs, both Conservative and Labour, who have appeared on the Kremlin-funded channel in the past. McDonnell stated that he had previously felt that it was right to appear on the new channel in order to be fair to media organisations that are from other nations. However, he said that the coverage of the Russian network had already changed.

    However, Peter Dowd, the deputy of McDonnell appeared on Russia Today only yesterday.

    On the other hand, Philip Hammond, the British Chancellor said that the Conservative party would still continue to take donations from the Russians.

    Hammond stated: “I don’t think we should be tarring them with Putin’s brush.”