Keir Starmer: No-Deal Warnings Of Theresa May A ‘Political Hoax’


Keir Starmer, the Shadow Brexit secretary, has said that the threats of withdrawing from the European Union without a deal are a “political hoax.”

Starmer has urged for a second referendum or people’s vote. He said that MPs were not duty-bound to vote through a “bad deal” in parliament. He said that they must instead “take back control.”

In an article that he wrote for the Sunday Times, Starmer claimed that the British Prime Minister was serving MPs a “choice between bad and even worse.”

He wrote: “Well, prime minister, that’s not good enough.”

He continued: “There is no duty on MPs to surrender to a bad deal. To do so would be to concede to a political hoax designed to threaten rather than persuade.”

Starmer is a Labour frontbencher. He said that there was “no mandate” for a no-deal Brexit, in which the United Kingdom would crash out of the European Union and default on trade terms that are set by the World Trade Organisation.

He said that the way out of such an eventuality was to table the amendments to the Brexit deal of Theresa May or a no-confidence vote in the Prime Minister.

Currently, the prime minister is facing the possibility that the deal she brings back from the European Union will eventually be voted down, including by the members of her own party.

Today, the Brexit spokesperson of the DUP, Sammy Wilson, wrote a joint article with Steve Baker, a Tory MP, that was published in the Sunday Telegraph. In the said article, they branded the current plans to avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland as a “humiliation.”

They said in the article: “If the government makes the historic mistake of prioritising placating the EU over establishing an independent and the whole UK, then regrettably we must vote against the deal.”

Starmer said that the Labour Party is ready to vote down the deal. He disclosed: “Labour will stick to its guns. Supporting a bad deal is not in the national interest.”

The Labour Party has consistently urged for a general election to solve the current impasse in the discussions. This morning, Emily Thornberry, the shadow foreign secretary, informed the BBC that her party would be in a better position to talk with the European Union since it did not sign itself up to the “stupid red lines” that formed the basis of the negotiating strategy of the prime minister in 2016.

However, she acknowledged that the Labour Party had not any “serious discussions” with officials from the European Union regarding how they might come up with a deal.