Kendrick Lamar Bans the Use of Cameras During His Tours


A lot of people have possibly heard of big-name musicians who are banning the use of smartphones at concerts. However, Kendrick Lamar is taking things a step further. Reports say that the superstar is not allowing even cameras during the European leg of his latest tour, including those that are used by professional photographers. People would not even have the chance to share official photos, let alone record the show with their phones. Lamar had permitted some professional photographers during his gigs in North America, but it seems that is as far as the artist was willing to go.

The logic remains the same as the earlier smartphone bans (such as those that were imposed at the events of Dave Chappelle). It is partly about making sure that fans are actually having a good time at the concert instead of trying to record everything. And it might just increase ticket sales as people may be more likely to attend if they cannot just rely on the Instagram feed of a friend to see what they missed. There is also the side benefit of blocking any missteps out of the limelight, even though artists normally reserve that for one-off shows or warm-up gigs.

What is different, of course, is that most bans like this still keep pros on hand to keep some moments and formulate an ideal version of what has really happened. In this situation, Lamar seems to be more of an egalitarian: if you cannot capture that live take on “Humble,” neither can the news outlets local promoters. While we would not expect that most artists will also go this route as lesser-known musicians usually thrive on the exposure, people might see it happening more often with artists who are big enough that a total ban on cameras only adds to their mystique.