Kuflink Launches Secondary Market


Property-backed peer to peer platform Kuflink has launched a secondary market, giving their investors the opportunity to buy and sell loan parts.

The first of several new enhancements planned for 2019, the secondary market will offer further flexibility for investors when managing their investment portfolio.

Lenders can list most loan parts on the market, although some restrictions apply – loans in default or less than a month from their redemption date are not eligible, for example. Loan parts must be sold for par value.

The platform will charge a nominal 0.25% administration fee to the seller, whereas the market is free to use for buyers.

Narinder Khattoare, CEO, announced “The whole team here at Kuflink are delighted to have launched our secondary market, the first in a long line of impressive products we’re bringing to the market this year.

This new marketplace has been built completely in-house by our talented team, to match exactly what our investors told us they’d like to see – it’s all part of our mission to be a sustainable, dynamic and effective way for people to make the most of their money.”