Lack of Confidence Shown By Investors In PM May’s Brexit Negotiations, Research Reveals

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New figures have revealed that less than one in five personal investors have confidence in the Brexit negotiations of Theresa May, the Prime Miniter of the United Kingdom.

The popularity of the Prime Minister among those in the investment community has plunged by 80 percent from what it was two years ago when PM May first moved into Downing Street.

The said research was produced by The Share Centre, a stockbroker firm. It also revealed that almost eight percent of personal investors would change their vote in the EU referendum if it was to be held again today.

Out of the 50 percent of personal investors who disclosed that they voted Remain in the referendum, five percent currently say that they would change their vote from Remain to Leave, as compared with two percent who would change their vote from Leave to Remain.

The incriminating lack of confidence in the British Prime Minister comes amid the heightening pressure that is coming from both sides of the political spectrum to come up with a good deal from the United Kingdom.

The chief executive of The Share Centre, Richard Stone, stated: “We have conducted a similar survey of personal investors views regularly over the last two years and this latest poll shows the stark loss of confidence in Theresa May’s ability to negotiate a strong Brexit deal with less than one in five personal investors now confident she can do so.”

Stone continued: “However, despite this, the experience of personal investors since the EU Referendum, a period during which the stock market has risen to new highs, means that the balance of opinion has shifted more heavily in favour of leaving the EU with 5 per cent of personal investors saying they voted Remain but would now vote Leave – almost 1 in 10 of those who voted Remain indicating they would now change their mind.”