Landlords in PM May’s Constituency Threaten to Ban Her from Pubs


    Following outrage from bar owners over the police cuts, Theresa May, the British Prime Minister could not be allowed to enter every pub in her constituency.

    It was reported that landlords have collectively decided to keep Theresa May away from all licensed venues in Maidenhead after she reduced police budgets by £413m during the last 12 months.

    The group said that it could now take the police a maximum of one hour in order to respond to incidents at their pubs, which placed their customers and staff in danger.

    The Pub Watch of the town, a group which typically deals with troublemakers, will reportedly table a proposal to ban PM May during a meeting that is going to be held this week.

    The manager of the Off the Tap pub, David Kimber, told reporters: “This seems to be the only way she’ll get the message.”

    Kimber added that there were very few police officers during the weekends.

    He added: “It takes half an hour minimum for them [police] to arrive but we’ve waited an hour before.

    “It’s not much use after a fight has broken out.”

    Theresa May who has been an MP for the Berkshire constituency since 1997, experienced a further humiliation during the election in June when she was forced to stand beside Lord Buckethead, the independent candidate.