Law Firm: Pro-Brexit Campaign Group May Have Broken Spending Rules


According to a legal opinion that was published by a parliamentary committee last Friday, the main “Leave” group in the 2016 EU referendum of Britain may have broken some electoral rules by over-spending during the campaign for Brexit.

The opinion said that the Vote Leave group might have gone above the limits on spending by not being able to declare expenditure that is worth 625,000 pounds ($892,000) to the electoral authorities.

The opinion published by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Committee stated that the Vote Leave made a donation to BeLeave, another Brexit campaign group, that then sent the money to a digital services company, violating election rules since the groups worked together.

The legal opinion that was prepared by Matrix Chambers, a law firm, stated: “We consider that there is a prima facie case that … electoral offences were committed by Vote Leave in the EU referendum campaign.”

The opinion added: “These require urgent investigation so that consideration can be given to whether to refer the case to the Crown Prosecution Service for a decision on whether to prosecute.”

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Committee is currently investigating the spending of the main campaign groups during the Brexit referendum as a part of an inquiry into fake news.

A spokesperson for the said committee stated that the members of the parliament did not commission the said legal opinion and it was submitted as a part of the evidence.

A former Vote Leave director, Dominic Cummings, did not immediately answer to a request for comment.

Previously, Cummings has dismissed the allegation that his group broke any rules, saying that it was granted permission by the Electoral Commission to make some donations during the run-up to the referendum.