Lawyer Claims that the Government Received Secret Legal Advice Saying that Brexit Can be Stopped


According to the Observer, A lawyer is urging the government to publish the legal advice that it has allegedly received secretly stating that the government can put a stop to Brexit at any time and remain in the European Union.

The Sunday newspaper reports that Jessica Simor QC, a lawyer from Matrix chambers, has been informed by “two good sources” that the Prime Minister has been advised that “the article 50 notification can be withdrawn by the UK at any time before 29 March 2019 resulting in the UK remaining in the EU on its current favourable terms.”

This is supported by statements that were made earlier by Lord Kerr, who was the author article 50. Lord Kerr said that the notification, which starts the process of exiting the United Kingdom, can be reversed.

However, the government insists that Brexit stopped anymore. Simor has tendered a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the office of the Prime Minister to try and expose any legal advice in an attempt to help build pressure on the government to re-consider their Brexit position.

Fears are developing that Britain is going towards a disastrous Brexit, crashing out of the European Union with no deal. The European Union recently voted to postpone the progression of divorce negotiations after a failure to arrive at an agreement. France and Germany have also rejected the proposed Brexit transition arrangement of Britain and the government is reported to be privately preparing for a “no deal” scenario.

Nick Clegg, Former Deputy Prime Minister, informed the newspaper: “The claim that article 50 is irreversible was always a myth put about by Brexiters who want to stop the British people from changing their minds.”

The Department for Exiting the European Union told the Observer: “We made our position clear in the supreme court. As a matter of firm policy, our notification will not be withdrawn. The British people voted to leave the EU and we will deliver on their instruction. There can be no attempts to remain inside the EU and no attempt to rejoin it.”