The Leadership of UK Prime Minister Theresa May is Under Pressure Again

Photo by Policy Exchange/Flickr

On Sunday, questions regarding the leadership of  Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, have been once again raised as a newspaper report suggested that three top Tory MPs are being queued up in order to replace her.

It arrives just days after Theresa May was urged to say “I’m not a quitter” during a trip to China, rejecting the criticism from within her own party.

However, the Sunday Times reports that Brexit supporting members of the party are planning to install a “dream team” that consists of Michael Gove, Jacob Rees-Mogg, and Boris Johnson.

A disagreement in the Tory party regarding the issues on Brexit has been threatening to break into the open for quite some time, with the Whips Office promising to disgruntled MPs an imminent announcement regarding post-Brexit trade in order to pacify them.

Gove and Johnson had both been pushing for the top Tory job when Theresa May replaced David Cameron as the leader and Prime Minister in the wake of the EU referendum last 2016 and both are believed to still possess leadership ambitions.

Yesterday, a vocal supporter of Brexit, Rees-Mogg, accused the Treasury of “fiddling the figures” on the leaked forecasts regarding the economic effect of Britain leaving the European Union. At the beginning of the year, he was appointed to lead a group of pro-Brexit Tory MPs who are scrutinising the handling of the government regarding Brexit called the European Research Group.

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Meanwhile, today, a senior Tory and arch Brexiteer accused ministers of being “vague” and “divided” over the discussions regarding Brexit. Writing in the Telegraph, Bernard Jenkin, singled out Philip Hammond, the chancellor, for criticism, saying that he must support the Prime Minister.

Phillip Hammond was slammed by Rees-Mogg over the comments that he made last week that Brexit would only bring “modest” changes.

“If the Prime Minister sticks to one policy and the chancellor keeps advocating another, what are officials meant to do?” stated Jenkin.