LeBron James is Executive Producer to a High School Basketball Series for YouTube

    Keith Allison/Flickr

    YouTube has already lined up a few celebrities for original shows on its Red subscription service, and currently, that includes some sports superstars. LeBron James is going to be the executive producer of an eight-episode documentary covering a high school basketball team, called Best Shot. The team will be mentored by Jay Williams, a former NBA player. It will follow the students as they both pursue their hoop dreams and deal with the challenges of life. The director of the show will be Michael John Warren, who is best known for his documentaries on Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z.

    The said series should be available on Red sometime next year.

    While this probably would not be the documentary that is about LeBron James that some might expect, it could be effective at attracting people. Rival services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have lately utilised sports documentaries as a way to boost their audiences, and this might do the trick if shows about Tinder and Katy Perry would not scratch the itch. With that stated, this is one show. YouTube may be required to step up the pace when its competitors have multiple shows that are either already available or are currently in the works.