LG Likely to Release an Update to Its Flagship V30 With an AI Camera

By LG전자 [CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Last fall, the V30 smartphone of LG was released as a strong flagship with some notable flaws. However, people loved how much the smartphone suited the vlog life. Rumour has it that the company will soon announce a new model at the upcoming Mobile World Congress which will be called the V30s. The phone will likely be a largely similar phone that is equipped with a new camera that is powered by AI.

As per the rumour mill (ETNewsvia Phone Radar), the AI camera of the V30 would work with a functionality of an “LG Lens” that is similar to the Google Lens that is featured on the Pixel 2 or the Bixby Vision on the Galaxy S8 of Samsung. In other words, users can easily point the phone at an object, and the camera will be able to recognise the object and render on-screen context. However, it is not clear if the said feature extends beyond AI recognition to the extents of assistanceship that the AI-plus-camera platforms of Google and Samsung strive to be.

It was also noted by Scuttlebutt that the LG V30s would likely offer 256GB internal storage, which is the same as the utterly expensive V30 Signature Edition that has a price tag of 2 million won ($1,800) and twice the 128GB cap of the stock LG V30. The new LG phone model will also have a MicroSD slot for further expansion. Assuming that the leaks of Phone Radar are accurate, the V30s is set to go on sale in early March in South Korea following its debut at the MWC.