Life-long fan puts ₤ 50,000 on Roger Federer to win Wimbledon title – and his sweetheart does not know


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When Roger Federer marches on court today he will no doubt be feeling the weight of expectation on his shoulders.

But there is one male who might simply have had more sleep deprived nights than the previous champ over the last fortnight, a life-long fan who has put a ₤ 50,000 stake on Federer getting his 8th Wimbledon title.

George, 36, will be holding his breath this afternoon as the Swiss number 5 efforts to beat Marin Cillic to become the earliest Wimbledon champ since the start of the open age in 1968.

And to contribute to his nerves as he waits to see if Federer can manage another Wimbledon title and at the exact same time land George a good-looking payment is the reality he has not informed his sweetheart about the bet.

“She’s not extremely into tennis so I’m unsure she’ll be finest happy,” he stated.

The head of a monetary tech company in North London, he has asked not to have his complete name exposed lest his sweetheart learn.

George has followed Federer around the world seeing his matches, going to around 20 competitions to this day.

He declares his betting is a periodic guilty enjoyment but constantly substantiated of extensive research, stating “I do not do it typically but when I do it, I make certain to do it appropriately”.

My bet makes me worried and has left me sleep deprived for weeks.

“My bet on Federer happened on a kids’ night out, I’m embarrassed to confess, but having enjoyed him this season, I felt relatively positive that he might go all the way,” he stated.

“Having won the 3 greatest competitions played this season and with the choice to concentrate on yard and difficult court competitions rather than those on clay, it appeared he was getting ready to win his 8 Wimbledon prize.

“He’s likewise stumbled upon a lot more positive this year, than he has in a long time. Federer wishes to win.

” Although my bet makes me worried, and has left me sleep deprived for weeks, from any bets I’ve positioned just recently, this is the one I feel most positive in … perhaps I’ve jinxed it now!”.
George started playing tennis at the age of 3, playing 3 to 4 times a week and ultimately completing at county level with goals of one day dipping into Wimbledon.

“My enthusiasm for tennis continued till I had to do with 15 and I found ladies … my tennis went downhill from there,” he stated.

“But my enthusiasm for the sport never ever disappeared. I still play as frequently as I can. I’ve followed grand slams for the much better part of my life and I’m likewise attempting to participate in as lots of competitions as possible.”

This year’s Wimbledon has seen a record quantity of money bet throughout a tennis competition, with analysis from revealing 59 percent of bets put are now on Federer winning the champion.

If his gamble settles, George stands to win ₤ 162,000, but if he pulls it off he prepares to stop and desert his betting profession – persuaded he might not be so fortunate two times.

Now he’s bracing himself for the response of his sweetheart, who will be with him to watch the last on Centre Court today.

He included: “My sweetheart believes I’m mad costs a lot money and time seeing tennis.”

“Although I’m sure she’ll be rather thrilled with the bet, should I win, as who could be mad when winning such a quantity of money?”

Asked exactly what he prepared to do with his payouts, he stated: “I’ll most likely need to propose to my sweetheart as otherwise she might leave me when she learns how much money I put on this bet.”