London Fintech Star Monzo is Fending Off One Takeover Offer Every Month


Monzo is one of the biggest fintech success stories of London. Its co-founder has said that it is fending off a takeover offer every month as bigger rivals attempt to get their hands on a slice of its ultra-hip clientele.

Tom Blomfield, who launched the company in April 2017, revealed that the firm has been addressed by “big banks and big tech companies”, but has yet to accept an offer.

“It’s sort of flattering and you do the maths and think wow, that’s loads of money,” said Blomfield.

“But those kinds of acquisitions never really go well… They always say, ‘we’ll help you… realise your potential much much faster’.

“And it’s like, well yes. Or you’ll stick us in a basement and we’ll rot away and die because frankly you don’t really want to disrupt your own business models that much. Certainly not as much as we do. So let’s see you in 10 year’s time.”

Blomfield also stated that the high-profile outages that the company has experienced were inevitable – but added that its method of addressing them had encouraged sign-ups.

“It really ruins your day when you have to email 300,000 customers and apologise,” Blomfield said.

“[But] when it does happen you can either respond by trying to downplay it or hide it, or proactively warn everyone.

“The press we got [after its 12-hour outage over the summer] was phenomenal,” added Blomfield.

“Newspapers wrote about how we’d handled it and actually built trust and transparency. We had one of our biggest days of sign-ups the next day.”