London Mayor Hires AI Research Company To Plan The Promotion of AI in London

    By Steve Punter (Sadiq Khan MP) via Wikimedia Commons

    Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, hired CognitionX, an artificial intelligence research group that is based in London, to plan how the Capital can best promote AI.

    The London Mayor said that he believes that the Capital is already in a strong position in the data economy, so he wants CognitionX to create a report that describes how artificial intelligence can positively progress the policies and economy of London.

    “It will also identify the challenges we face in positioning the capital as the best place to start, grow or relocate an AI business,” stated Khan. “Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform almost every industry across the capital.”

    The London Mayor said that artificial intelligence could improve various industries that will range “from healthcare to finance to law” and that the report of CognitionX will act as a guide to distinguish the opportunities for the city to invest and innovate. The said report will also introduce an action plan for how Khan can help increase artificial intelligence in London.

    Additionally, the report of CognitionX will contain an analysis of AI adoption barriers, a map of the AI supplier base of London, a comparison of the standing of London as compared to other cities and a compilation of how various companies are already making use of AI.

    Charlie Muirhead, the co-founder and chief executive of CognitionX, said that he, together with his team, want to democratise the access of information through artificial intelligence.

    “We all need to understand what AI is, what [it] isn’t and how we can benefit,” stated Muirhead. “All successful organisations will need to take advantage of artificial intelligence, but it is a complex, fragmented and ever-changing domain and we want to help ensure a responsible transition to an AI-driven society.”

    CognitionX’s report will be revealed in mid-June at the “CogX – The Festival of All Things AI” event of the company and will also be available on the website of Tech Map London that is commissioned by Khan way back in 2015.