London Mayor Sadiq Khan Praises the Resilience of the People of London in New Year Message

    Photo by DIUS Corporate/Flickr

    In his New Year message that was released today, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has applauded the “generosity of Londoners.”

    Reflecting on the attacks of terrorists which shook the capital in 2017, the mayor of London emphasised on the bravery of the member of the emergency services team.

    Khan said: “A true test of character is how you respond in tough times.

    “Londoners have more than met that challenge this year. We’ve seen exactly why London is the greatest city in the world.”

    The words of Khan reflect the sentiment of the Christmas message of Theresa May. The British Prime Minister thanked the armed forces, the emergency services, and charity volunteers for their dedication and hard work.

    The mayor of London has experienced considerable upheaval in 2017, answering to international criticism as well as to terror threats to the capital. He became involved in a dispute with Donald Trump, the President of the United States who hit out at Khan for telling the people of London not to be alarmed by the heightened presence of the police on the streets following the terror attack on Borough Market. Khan has become a vocal critic of US President Trump, saying that the President should not be welcomed to London for a state visit.