London Mayor Sadiq Khan Tells Councils to Ban Fracking in London

Photo by Frontergap

London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to prohibit fracking in the capital effectively, pushing local councils to turn down applications for extraction or exploration.

The Mayor said that the method of extracting shale gas is harmful and he considered it to be a risk to public health. This week, Sadiq Khan will set out guidance regarding the matter in a new draft plan for the capital.

Khan said: “There is absolutely no place for fracking in London and I remain firm in my belief that any such application must be refused.

“The harmful, negative impact of the use of fossil fuels on the environment and on the air we breathe is well known. We must instead focus our resources on developing technologies for the efficient extraction of clean, renewable forms of energy, rather than coming up with more ever innovative ways to keeping burning fossil fuels.”

The said move was embraced by campaigners at Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace.

It is understood that the application for fracking has been made to any councils. However, the London Local Energy has indicated that it wants to explore a site that is located in Brentford.

Last month, fracking was effectively prohibited in Scotland, following in the footsteps of Ireland and Wales. The Netherlands, France, Bulgaria, and Germany are also among the countries to have prohibited the controversial practice.

The first fracking in the United Kingdom is set to start within weeks in North Yorkshire by Third Energy, despite campaigns that were held against it.