London Named as One of the Smartest Cities in the World


London has been identified as one of the top “smart cities” in the world alongside Barcelona and Singapore.

According to a fresh report from Philips Lighting and SmartCitiesWorld, the capital of the United Kingdom was proclaimed for being a “honeypot of technologies and partnerships” as well as the city’s green spaces. The announcement was based on research that involves over 150 city planning experts from across the globe.

However, Singapore was able to pull ahead as a testing ground for connected technologies. London, on the other hand, was recognised for its experiments with a wide range of ideas that are  considered”intriguing.”

Many consider that connected smart cities can help in tackling problems such as pollution, traffic, and the use or energy, among other things.  For example, A study regarding the application of the Internet of Things technology in Barcelona discovered that the city saved approximately €42.5m on water.

It was identified that “visionary leadership” is the key to making smart cities a success while a lack of infrastructure, short-termism, and limited budgets, were identified as some of the barriers to innovation.

Jacques Letzelter, the segment leader of Philips Lighting, stated: “City authorities face complex and challenging choices concerning infrastructure, balancing the need to maintain existing services while investing in improvements, managing population growth and enhancing sustainability – all within tight budget constraints.

“New technologies can already transform the way cities deliver, operate and maintain public amenities, from lighting and transportation to connectivity and health services.”

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, is anticipated to unveil a new smart city strategy for London later in 2018.