Lord Digby Jones: Boris Johnson ‘Irrelevant And Offensive’

Lord Digby (Third from Right). Photo by The Manufacturer via Flickr

Today, one of the top businessmen in the United Kingdom dismissed Boris Johnson as being “irrelevant and offensive.”

Talking at the Conservative Party conference that was held in Birmingham, Lord Digby Jones slammed the former foreign secretary of the United Kingdom over reports that he said “fuck business” when he was informed of the concerns from the sector over Brexit.

Sunday was the first day of the party’s annual conference. A sizeable protest also took place in Birmingham as some demonstrators called for a second public vote regarding the final Brexit deal.

Johnson declined to deny the said claims when he was challenged on them last June. He told the MPs that he may have “expressed scepticism about some of the views of those who profess to speak up for business.”

Lord Jones is a former chief of the CBI who also serves as a crossbencher in the upper chamber. While talking at to party members today, he hit out at the remarks of Johnson.

He stated: “Business is so important that when I heard a former foreign secretary f-business, it showed him up for the irrelevant and offensive person he really is and I take great exception to that.”

Nigel Huddlestone, a Conservative MP, dubbed Jones as the “darling” of the conference following the speech. It saw the businessman receive a standing ovation from the audience.

The criticism was expressed after Johnson made a newspaper interview last Sunday to initiate a full-throated attack on the Brexit policy of Theresa May, calling her so-called Chequers proposal as “entirely preposterous” and “deranged.”

The statement of Digby comes after the party was hit by a humiliating security gaffe in the official conference app. The mishap enabled the members of the public to have access to the contact information and mobile phone numbers of some of the senior members of the government and prominent journalists.