Lord Mayor Urges Clarity on Foreign Workers Post-Brexit

Photo by FE News

Today, as the clock ticks towards the implementation of Brexit, The Lord Mayor of London, Charles Bowman, has urged the Government to give clarity on the future of the thousands of overseas workers in the Square Mile.

Talking half-way through his term in the historic office, he emphasised that the City “would like to hear more” regarding the plans to protect the flow of talent in and out of the City after the United Kingdom withdraws from the European Union. Charles Bowman is the 690th holder of the said post.

Among the hundreds of thousands of workers in the financial district of London, more than 40 percent come from overseas and 18 percent of the said total are European.

Bowman stated: “From a talent perspective, the City is nothing without its people, and having the appropriate access to international talent and to provide that talent the other way is very important to us — so our very specific ask, which we continue to push the Government very hard on, is further clarity on what the immigration policy is. We would like to hear more. We’ve always been open to people and open to talent.”

The comments of the Lord Mayor came as the lobbyists of TheCityUK also urged for a “flexible and dynamic system” on skills. The group cautioned that the costs of bringing skilled workers from the European Union could quadruple for employers if the existing immigration system will be applied to European workers, as companies are forced to double the number of visa applications.

So far, Bowman has toured 16 countries while serving as the ambassador for the City during his six months in the role. He welcomed the Brexit transition deal. However, he added that protecting the City during the negotiations was in the interests of both sides.

Bowman stated: “It’s a national jewel, but it’s also a European jewel.”