Luxury Car Subscription Service Also Offered by Mercedes


Last March, various car brands fell over themselves by the announcement of new subscription services on luxury vehicles. The latest but not the least, Mercedes has also added the company’s own part-rental, part-concierge service to the long list. A pilot program is scheduled to start in Nashville and Philadelphia this coming June.

Compared to services that were announced by some other brands, not much is known about the Mercedes-Benz Collection, as the car company is dubbing it. The subscribers will be given a chance to choose between various tiers, though it is not clear how they actually differ. They will be able to choose from a ‘broad array’ of the vehicles of the automaker, including the high-performance models of the Mercedes-AMG. Just like other services, customers will be able to change between vehicles on a whim.

Mercedes-Benz forgot to mention how much the said services will cost. However, competing ones usually cost between $600 (for Volvo) to $2,000-per-month for Porsche and BMW. Also, like its higher-end rivals, the Mercedes-Benz Collection allows its customers to engage concierge services via a dedicated mobile app. For example, they can arrange for employees to deliver a new vehicle to the location of the subscriber. The monthly fee will also cover insurance, maintenance costs, and 24/7 roadside assistance.