How to make money while using Instagram


Instagram’s first-ever rich list has been unveiled with its highest earner raking in a gigantic £425,000 per post.

While the rest of us use Instagram to post pictures of food and tag our friend’s in memes, some people are using it for an altogether more prolific goal: to make some big cash.

Composed using both internal information and publicly available data, the list is divided into celebrities and social media influencers with the former led by pop star Selena Gomez who, according to a report, takes home £425,000 for one Instagram post to her 123 million followers.

Selena is followed by each Kardashian sister, other celebs who made the top 10 include footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, actresses and models Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid, and one of the most famous and greatest basketball player of all time, Lebron James.

Making Money On Instagram 

You can make money on Instagram even if you are not popular, or don’t get enough likes by using Instaprofitgram. Instaprofitgram is a paid service, but the amount you are going to pay is nothing in comparison to unleashing your potential for earning money on Instagram – just by doing what you seemingly do every day.

The good news is, the amount you pay them is refundable.  If you do not like what they have to give, you can ask for a refund within a duration of 60 days. And most probably, two months will be more than sufficient to for you to assess the reliability of their services.

The second you sign up with them, you can access an e-book, tutorials designed by professionals on how to capture the best images, tips and techniques about how you can attract the most traffic to your Instagram feed.

So how do you earn?

You retain the rights to your captured photos, so anytime that someone decides to use your image, you get a payment.

Make money while doing your favourite hobby.  If your passion is your source of income, you may never have to work again in a dull environment.