Man Fined With £183,000 for Pretending meat Was Fruit at A Self-service Checkout of A Supermarket


    A man was imposed with a €208,000 (£183,000) fine for pretending that expensive meat was fruit at a self-service checkout of a supermarket.

    The 58-year-old man, who earns €24,000 (£21,000) per month, was convicted for theft by a court in Munich after he attempted to repackage veal liver that is worth up to 47 euros in a fruit bag last December.

    According to local media, the wealthy businessman admitted that it was the fourth time that he had committed the said offence that month. However, the man gave no motive for the said crime.

    A judge described the man as having “not inconsiderable criminal energy.” The judge mentioned his monthly income and criminal history for tax evasion and theft as reasons for the record-breaking fine.

    Klaus-Peter Juengst, a Munich court spokesperson, said that the defendant did not appeal the verdict, which was issued in January.

    The man who was unidentified was then released from jail after having been put behind bars after his arrest.

    In 2015, Morrisons, a supermarket chain, replaced self-service machines with 1,000 manned tills after 96 percent of customers that were surveyed said that they preferred staffed checkouts.