Man Involved in “Bitcoin Heist” Escapes Capture and Rides Same Plane as Iceland PM

By xlibber via Wikimedia Commons

A man who is behind the suspected “bitcoin heist” that occurred in Iceland was able to escape imprisonment.

An international arrest warrant has already been issued for Sindri Thor Stefansson, who was accused of stealing 600 computers to mine cryptocurrencies.

The police said that Stefansson was able to escape through the window of a low-security prison, prior to boarding a flight that is bound to Sweden at an airport that is located in Keflavik, which is 59 miles away.

Strangely, one passenger who was on board the plane informed local media that Katrin Jakobsdottir, the prime minister of Iceland, was also on the flight, even though she has not yet verified the said claim.

The officials believe that Stefansson was able to go through security as he was travelling in the passport-free Schengen zone of Europe.

It is believed that the ticket that he used was in the name of someone else, leading the police to assume that an accomplice has helped him to accomplish the daring escape.

Stefansson was arrested along with 11 other people for stealing the computers in four burglaries that happened in December and January.

In total, police have already arrested 22 people that were said to be involved in the heist.