Mark Zuckerberg Formally Summoned by the Congress to Testify on Cambridge Analytica

Photo by JD Lasica from Flickr

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and Chief Executive of Facebook, informed CNN that he would be glad to testify on the data breach that involves Cambridge Analytica and now he is getting his wish.

According to Reuters, a formal invitation was sent to Zuckerberg by the House Energy and Commerce Committee to testify on the mishandling of user data from Facebook that has pissed a lot of people off and pushed many to urge for #deletefacebook.

Talking to CNN last Wednesday, Zuckerberg said that he would happily testify on the matter.

“I’m happy to if it’s the right thing to do,” said Zuckerberg. “Our objective is to provide Congress, which has an extremely important job, to have the most information they can.”

Greg Walden, the Oregon representative, and Frank Pallone, the New Jersey representative, said that the Facebook CEO is the “right witness to provide answers to the American people,” according to a report by FirstPost.

A formal date and time have not yet been scheduled for Zuckerberg. However, the two representatives said that they are already working on it.

In a statement, the two representatives said: “We look forward to working with Facebook and Mr. Zuckerberg to determine a date and time in the near future for a hearing before this committee.”