Marriott and Amazon Team Up To Introduce Alexa for Hotels

Photo by José Carlos Cortizo Pérez from Flickr

Amazon has introduced a new Alexa experience that could remove the need for reception desks at hotels. The company teamed up with Marriott International for the said launch.

Alexa for Hospitality is available to hoteliers by invitation and in selected locations of the Marriott over the summer. It can provide guests with hotel information such as a check on airport wait times, requests for housekeeping and room service, and even pool hours, all via the Amazon Echo device that will be located in their room.

Alexa can also be configured to enable the guests to control in-room technology features, such as thermostats, lights, blinds and radio or TV preferences.

In time, Amazon will have a support a temporary connection from the Amazon account of the guest to the Echo that is in their room for an experience that is more personalised, that will automatically disconnect on check-out.

A vice president at Amazon, Daniel Rausch, stated: “Customers tell us they love how easy it is to get information, enjoy entertainment, and control connected devices by simply asking Alexa, and we want to offer those experiences everywhere customers want them.

He added: “Alexa for Hospitality makes your hotel stay a little more like being at home and gives hospitality providers new ways to create memorable stays for their guests.”

Last month, a research revealed that one out of five European consumers have shopped while using a voice-assistant such as Alexa. The most popular categories include ordering electronics, groceries, toiletries, or meals.

Various media reports suggested that Marriott had conducted the use of some voice-assistant technology providers before it settled on Amazon, including the Homepod of Apple that is powered by Siri.

The Vice President Customer Experience Innovation of Marriott International, Jennifer Hsieh, stated: “Marriott has a long track record of innovating for our guests, and we’re thrilled to be among the first to offer Alexa for Hospitality.”

She added: “So many of our guests use voice technology in their home, and we want to extend that convenience to their travel experience.

“We will be evaluating guest feedback and adoption to inform how we expand the skills, features, and functionality offered through Alexa in our hotels.”