Marston’s Signed A Distribution Deal With A Leading Craft Brewery in the US

Photo by Phil Campbell via Flickr

Marston’s, a pub giant in the United Kingdom, was able to finalise a distribution deal with a craft brewer in the United States as it aims to corner a developing market for independent beer.

Marston’s owns chains such as Two For One and Pitcher & Piano. The pub giant will be expecting that the five-year deal with Founders Brewing Company will help the company recover from a season of poor sales that was caused by bad weather that was experienced earlier in the year.

The 16th largest brewery in the United States of America has already been considered as a lucrative source of profit for Marston’s during the past 12 months, with the sales in Founders’ All Day IPA rising by 274 percent.

Marston’s was able to initially gain distribution rights to the craft beer of Founders’ after its acquisition of Charles Wells, a real ale producer, for £55 million last year.

However, months of snow and cold earlier in the year that was dubbed as the “Beast from the East,” has caused Marston’s to experience an “unavoidable disruption to the business”.

Last March, the pub titan endured a like-for-like sales decline of 0.9 percent. Last month, it eventually fell out of the FTSE 250.

The vice president of exports at Founders Brewing Company, Brian May, stated: “We hire for personality, passion and skill and Marston’s hugely mirrors these values. They’re a highly respected brewer and operator, and we’re excited about this next chapter in our relationship, which will see us bring our passion for brewing to a UK audience – it’s going to be great fun.”

The head of commercial marketing at Marston’s, John Clements, stated: “We’re thrilled that the Founders philosophy and premium tasting portfolio is really starting to take effect here in the UK. We’re working with numerous independent operators, craft beer bars and the likes of Young’s, Castle Pub Company and Morrison’s to name just a few.”