Massive Sinkhole Swallows Vehicles and Forces Families to Evacuate Homes in Rome


Numerous families have been evacuated away from their homes after a massive sinkhole opened up in Rome, swallowing six vehicles.

Pictures revealed that the vehicles were lying at the bottom of a 30ft chasm in the north-west Baldunia neighbourhood of the Italian capital.

The parked cars were sucked into the huge hole, and approximately 60 people were ordered to evacuate their homes when some parts of a road collapsed.

Some construction work had been carried out nearby the are for months, and residents said that they had felt their houses shake in the days prior to the collapse.

A woman informed Rai, an Italian state broadcaster, that “In the last days while the workers were working, I felt the floor of the house tremble and we were very worried.”

The son of the woman said: “We residents feared problems… It is a miracle that there are no injuries.”

Approximately 22 families were evacuated by the firefighters following the collapse at around 6 pm on Wednesday. Police closed down the road and ambulances also attended to the scene, although no one is reported to have been hurt because of the incident.

The residents who were evacuated will be placed in hotels until safety checks on their apartment buildings have been performed.

The cause of the huge sinkhole is currently under investigation. Repairs were done in the area in January following a large water leak. It is thought to have been caused by the construction work.

Reportedly, the Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into possible criminal negligence.