May Calls on Commonwealth to Boost Trade In Brexit Appeal

Photo by Policy Exchange from Flickr

Today, Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, will call on the Commonwealth to boost trade and forge new connections, launching a summit of the 53 nations which have become increasingly significant to the United Kingdom as it withdraws from the European Union.

The Prime Minister hopes to win the support of the Commonwealth, a network that consists mostly of the former colonies of Britain, for future trade deals during a meeting of its heads in London that is scheduled this week, and reinforce her argument that the future looks bright after Brexit.

However, the said meeting may be overshadowed by the decision of PM May to join the  air strikes of the United States and France on Syria on Saturday as vengeance for a suspected poison gas attack, a response that Syria and its allies, Iran and Russia say goes against international law and has been slammed by opposition lawmakers in the United Kingdom.

In a statement before the meeting, May said: “Our Commonwealth family already accounts for one-fifth of global trade.

“And we must continue to work together to build further upon this solid foundation by building on our existing trade links and establishing new ones.”

She is set to launch new programmes to improve the skills of young people, free up trade, boost the participation of women in business, including an offer amounting to 7 million pounds ($10 million) in Commonwealth-wide support to boost the businesses that are owned by women in countries where being a woman is a professional barrier.

In a manifestation of the increasing importance of the network of nations, the Prime Minister will also reveal funding for a new Commonwealth Standards Network that will establish a common language for services and goods to help boost trade.