Mega Moolah Now Accepts Bitcoin


Mega Moolah has announced that the company will now be accepting bitcoin deposits from holders who wish to take a chance on the jackpot slot for £10 million. It is considered the highest jackpot to accept bitcoin as a payment option.

What makes Mega Moolah stand out is its random jackpot bonus game. The game is where a player spins a wheel and wins one of the four progressive jackpots. A prize that ranges between £10 and £1,000,000 is guaranteed. However, the current jackpot is now more than £10 million and is increasing rapidly.

The best choice for the players using bitcoin is to take advantage of the £1,000 Free Bonus offer of the Luxury Casino. In order to claim the £1,000 free bonus, the player must deposit a total amount of £2,300 in five increments. That is just around 0.45 bitcoin in total deposits.

This landmark recognises that bitcoin will further solidify its transition form concept to cryptocurrency. Many retailers have been attempting to take advantage of the buzz that is surrounding bitcoin, by accepting the cryptocurrency as a form of payment. In only more than a decade, bitcoin has observed its stock rise at a steep rate, most notably when the price of a single bitcoin rose in value from less than $200 to over $1000 in 2013.

However, the origins of the cryptocurrency are rather inconclusive even the surname of Satoshi Nakamoto, its founder, has been thought to being a collective pseudonym as being more than one person. More definitively, its initial transaction took place in January 2009 between Satoshi and a developer and cryptographic activist named Hal Finney.

In October 2009, an exchange rate was set bringing a sense of realism to the cryptocurrency. It was followed by a sense of legitimacy as bitcoin was able to receive its own app for the Apple Ipad in July 2011 as well as its own magazine in February 2012.

Several scandals followed this which resulted in the Bitcoin Foundation being established in September 2012, with Peter Vessenes working at the helm. Charlie Shrem, its vice-president,  was arrested in January 2014 for helping and supporting the operation of an unlicensed money-transmitting business, disgracing its already polarising reputation.

Clearly, bitcoin and the comradery that is surrounding it is part of the mysterious appeal. The latest breakthrough of the cryptocurrency with Mega Moolah implies that a positive trend is set to continue.