Merkel To Theresa May: I’ll Approach Brexit Plan In ‘The Spirit Of Friendship’

By א (Aleph) from Wikimedia Commons

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, has offered Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, a brief moment on respite in a difficult week for the British PM after delivering a positive message regarding the future of the United Kingdom after Brexit.

During a press conference with the Prime Minister that was held earlier today, Merkel seemed to have softened her tone towards the beleaguered prime minister by vowing to consider her proposals for future relations with the European Union in “the spirit of friendship”.

She stated: “We are looking forward to interesting discussions, but we will also have these discussions inspired by the spirit of friendship and the wish to have good relations in the future.”

Merkel added: “I can only say that even after Britain has left the EU, we want to have as close a relationship with Britain as possible – which I think is true also for the other European member states.”

She continued: “We remain Europeans although we may not all then be members of the EU.”

Merkel further noted: “What we want to do now is bring the negotiating process forward. We as the 27 under the leadership of Jean-Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier, will then form an opinion and later on table a common response to those proposals. It’s a good thing that we have proposals on the table.”

Merkel’s comments will be considered as a much needed boost after the Brexit plan of the British Prime Minister triggered a crisis in her government.

It will come as a relief to PM May that the leaders of the European Union have not rejected her plan outright, as the officials in Brussels previously warned that it could be “dead in the water” over the opposition of the European Union to any hint that the United Kingdom wants a single market deal on goods but not on services.

Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, resigned from his post over the proposals a day after David Davis also stepped down as the Brexit secretary last Sunday night.