Mexico’s ‘Tri-Color’ Flies Upside Down During Flag Day Ceremony


A Flag Day ceremony that was held in Mexico has gone wrong, with troops flying the red, white and green “tri-colour” of the country upside down.

Local media released images of the giant flag waving over the Campo Marte parade ground of Mexico City on Saturday with the flag’s iconic eagle inverted.

President Enrique Pena Nieto admitted the gaffe. However, he said: “Upside down or right side up, backward or forward, the flag is a symbol that gives us a sense of identity, of belonging, of pride in being Mexicans.”

In other parts of the world, a flag that is raised upside down can be considered as a sign of desecration, distress, or a form of protest. Mexicans turned to social media to mock the gaffe as symbolic of the unpopular government of Pena Nieto.