Microsoft Partners With Pivigo To Give UK Businesses Access To Data On Demand


Today, Microsoft has revealed a partnership with Pivigo, a data science hub in London. It will give its customers access to a global network of data scientists on demand.

It is enabled alongside the Azure suite of machine-learning tools of the tech giant. The users of Microsoft will be able to tap into the 6,000-strong community of data scientists of Pivigo in order to help with various projects such as reducing risk, improving efficiency, and optimising pricing structures.

The Azure lead of Microsoft in the United Kingdom, Mark Smith, stated: “Data science represents a huge opportunity for organisations to maximise the return on investment from their cloud strategies, but only if this information is utilised in the right way.”

He added: “By working with Pivigo, our customers can benefit from the skills and expertise of a team of highly-skilled data scientists alongside our own Azure suite of tools.”

The said partnership will also include a programme of activities that is hosted by the two companies. It aims to raise awareness of the way that data science will be a benefit to the organisations, with activities such as meetups, hackathons, and bootcamps.

The chief executive of Pivigo, Kim Nilsson, stated: “We are incredibly excited to be working with Microsoft to help its customers further unlock the power of their organisation’s data.”

He added: “We know first-hand that data analytics is becoming a point of differentiation in organisational success, but that effectively deploying data scientists and machine-learning tools can be extremely challenging. We are thrilled that Microsoft has chosen to work with our huge global community of data scientists and look forward to adding real value to Microsoft customers, enabling them to make the most of their data assets.”

The previous clients of Pivigo have included News UK, Digital Shadows, and Ted Baker.