Microsoft Set to Bring 64-bit App Support to ARM-Based PCs Next Month


One of the most prominent limitations of the Windows on the platform of Snapdragon is its inability to run 64-bit apps. On various occasions, Microsoft has said that it aims to offer that support eventually, but we have not been able to hear about a solid timeline up until now. Today, Erin Chapple, the general manager of the company for Windows, informed Engadget that an SDK for ARM64 apps would be revealed during the upcoming Build developer’s conference.

With the new SDK, the developers would be able to recompile their apps natively to run in 64-bit on ARM-based PCs such as the ASUS NovaGo. The improvement opens up app support for the platform, which only supported 32-bit apps previously. The possibly greater app compatibility is welcome since this was one of the largest drawbacks of Windows on the devices of Snapdragon. However, whether the users will get the higher performance that they have usually expected out of support for the 64-bit apps will depend on the Snapdragon 835 CPU that powers the prevailing generation of the PCs that are in question.

Connected PCs ship with Windows 10 S. However, Microsoft has been offering free upgrades to Windows 10 Pro via 2019, making the OS more versatile and familiar to users. The ARM 64 SDK is set to be available for both desktop versions (.exes) and Store apps. It will ultimately be up to developers to choose whether they want to go to the struggle of recompiling their apps for Windows on Snapdragon. However, Microsoft at least seems to be making strides in producing as open and useful a platform as possible.