Millions Could Likely Save £180 Per Year on Broadband by Going After Deals


It has been claimed that broadband providers reveal their best deals at the end of every month or every three months when they wish to increase their subscriber numbers.

New analysis regarding the usage of broadband has discovered that the average household could save nearly £180 per year by opting to switch providers. However, according to ctrlio, a website which compares tariffs according to actual use, the best deals are only available at specific times of the month.

The co-founder of the site, Dominic Strowbridge, stated: “A lot of the good deals tend to come up either at the end of the month or at the end of the quarter when service providers are trying to get their numbers up.

“Of course, those are great for people who are active and willing to switch, but a lot of people just sit there paying the much higher amount than they need to.”

Complaints made by consumers regarding broadband usually centre around its speed not being as fast as it was advertised. Currently, providers are able to promote an “up to” speed that is available to a minimum of 10 percent of the customers. However, in a major shake-up of the rules that was initiated by the advertising regulator, from May, companies can only be able to advertise download speeds that are available to a minimum of 50 percent of the customers during peak time.Strowbridge said that this would end that claims of misleading and it could result in people receiving better deals. He said that speed is the main reason for people choosing to switch providers, and for people to be able to make a switch successfully, people should know when their contract is up and inquire with neighbours regarding their experiences with various providers in order to determine the best service.