Minister of Finance in Kenya arrested for corruption


Rotich and 27 other senior public and private administration officials are charged with at least eight corruption charges.

Kenyan Finance Minister Henry Rotich was arrested Monday on charges of alleged corruption and embezzlement related to the construction of two dams of the Italian company CMC Di Ravenna.

This is the approval of a millionaire contract with the company CMC Di Ravenna that was budgeted for about 456 million dollars, however, the Ministry in charge of Rotich approved 170 million dollars more.

For his part, the attorney general of Kenya , Noordin Haji, who ordered the arrest of the Minister of Finance , also said that these “mass illegalities” come from an investigation conducted since last year 2018.

“The investigations established that government officials breached all hiring rules and abused their oath of office to ensure that the plan was fulfilled,” said the prosecutor.

Rotich has been charged in the company of 27 other senior public and private positions for at least eight charges of corruption and embezzlement, initially related to the dam project.

“All of them have broken the law under the guise of a legitimate business transaction. Colossal amounts of money have been diverted illegally and unjustifiably through a plan choreographed by officials, institutions and private companies,” Haji said.

“I am convinced that economic crimes were committed and, therefore, I have approved his arrests and prosecutions,” said Haji, who also noted that the Kenyan Government has paid $ 197 million in advance for a project that has not yet begun. .

The minister says that these irregularities do not correspond to acts of corruption on his part, as does his chief secretary, Kamau Thugge, who, like Rotich, voluntarily surrendered.

It involves the construction of two dams, Arror and Kimwarer, projected in western Kenya, by the Italian company.