M&Ms’ new TV ad campaign is going to promote wind power


M&Ms, the chocolate brand, will promote wind power in a world-wide advertising campaign scheduled to run later this year and into 2018.

This week, Mars Inc, the chocolate and pet food giant, declared a $1 billion sustainability drive, intending to do its share to tackle climate change and improve conditions for farmers in its supply chain.

Mars’ M&Ms brand plans to “champion the power of renewable energy and highlight the need for action in addressing climate change.” as part of the project.

Mars’ chief sustainability officer, Barry Parkin, stated: “We’re going to be using red and yellow. They’re going to be enthusiastic advocates of wind power energy. Hopefully, it will continue to engage consumers in this important topic. We know consumers care about the planet and we’re trying to do our part to help.”

Mars plans to begin the campaign later this month, during the UN General Assembly in New York, when world leaders will be gathering to talk about climate change.

“Through our much-loved M&M’s brand, we can inspire consumers on this important topic and shine the spotlight on renewable energy – one of the solutions that will help us to tackle climate change and meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” stated Grant F. Reid, Mars CEO, in a release announcing Mars’ $1 billion sustainability drive.

Over the last ten years, Mars has developed two massive wind farms in Texas and Scotland to provide 100 percent renewable energy to its operations in the United Kingdom and the United States. The company projects to build similar wind farms in 11 more major markets around the world, such as India and Russia.

Parkin stated: “We’re doing this at cost parity or better than fossil fuel. We’re at an absolute tipping point here. Any company can switch to renewables without cost penalty if you do it in a smart way. This is absolutely the time for us and everyone else to accelerate.”