Mortgage rates fall to new two-year record lows


According to the newest Moneyfacts data, two-year fixed rate and two-year variable rate on average have both slumped to new record lows.

Average two-year fixed rates slipped from 2.55 percent in July 2016 to 2.31 percent in January 2017, before creeping down further to 2.26 percent this July.

Likewise, average two-year tracker rates are now 1.82 percent, a drop of 0.19 percent from 2.01 percent a year ago and 1.98 percent in January 2017.

Charlotte Nelson, a Finance Expert at Moneyfacts, said: “While the average two-year fixed rate had stalled in recent months, it has fallen by 0.04% from June, so it appears that the trend of falling rates is now back on track. The fall in both the fixed and variable sector comes at an interesting time. Given mounting inflation and the Bank of England hinting at a base rate rise, falling rates are the last thing many would have expected.

“The base rate debate has dominated the headlines in the past few weeks, which has had a knock-on effect on the interest SWAP rate, causing the two-year SWAP rate to rise from 0.53% at the start of June to 0.68% in July.

“Recently, the savings market has also seen a boost. This, alongside the rising SWAP rates, has historically resulted in mortgage rates rising, but these influences are currently having little effect on mortgage rates, which are still on a downward trajectory.

“Lenders are perhaps starting to feel the pressure of an increased number of their customers sitting on their Standard Variable Rate, knowing that if the Bank of England decides to increase rates, a substantial chunk of their mortgage book could move to another provider almost overnight. This may be the catalyst that is keeping rates low, as providers aim to lock customers into a deal with them.”