Motive for Fiery Van Crash at California Air Base Investigated by the FBI

By Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) via Wikimedia Commons

On Friday, the authorities said that a man who was 51 years old, drove a flaming minivan that was loaded with gasoline cans and propane tanks through the main gate of a major Air Force base in Northern California. However, the authorities said that the driver had no known links to terrorism.

Sean Ragan, an agent from the FBI, said that on Wednesday evening, Hafiz Kazi was found dead inside the Kia minivan shortly after barreling through the main gate of the Travis Air Force Base and crashing.

Ragan said that three one-gallon size gas cans, five propane tanks, and several lighters were discovered inside the van along with three phones and a gym bag that had “personal effects.”

Ragan said: “We don’t have any nexus to terrorism at this point.” However, he said that investigators have not yet determined a motive.

Ragan stated: “Why did this individual end up at the front gate of Travis Air Force Base on fire, that’s something we want to know, and the public wants to know.”

He said that Kazi lived throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and was a resident of the United States ever since 1993. He said that Kazi is a native of India who was living as a permanent legal resident in the United States.

Ragan said that they have not been able to find any of the family of Kazi who are living in the United States. He said that a family member who was in India had been notified of the death of Kazi. He said that Kazi seemed to work as a cab driver in the past. However, he added that investigators have not determined if he was employed before his death.

“There is no evidence of religious affiliation,” said Ragan. “As of right now, we know of no other associates.”

Roughly 10,000 people work and live on the base that is located 55 miles (88 kilometres) northeast of San Francisco.