Motorized Chromebook Hinge Patented by Google


    The new patent that was granted to Google for its Pixel Line of notebook computers may just be what people need as some users have a hard time in opening their laptop every day. The patent that is titled “Notebook Computer with Motorized Display Positioning,” features a motorised hinge that will open the display with some kind of touch on the top of the portable computer. The patent also mentions sensors that have the ability to detect users from distinct distances as well as detect the face of the user so that the display can automatically adjust its angle.

    While opening your laptop may seem to be considered to be on the lazy side of things, including a feature that would assist users with limited motor control or mobility make use of portable computers more successfully. The patent’s feature is also promising. As noted in the patent, a user-facing camera could be able to detect your chin which would offer the motor of the notebook a cue to change the display so that the user’s entire face is in the camera view, thus giving the user a better view angle. The patent that was filed in October of 2013 and was originally spotted by Patently Mobile, so whether this will be featured on your next Pixelbook is still unconfirmed.