MP Ivan Lewis Resigns From Labour Party Due To Concerns About Antisemitism

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

An MP has resigned from the Labour Party after he cited the failure of the party to talk about the issue of antisemitism within its ranks.

A year ago, Ivan Lewis was suspended from the party because of allegations of sexual harassment. He accused Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party, of being reluctant to grant Jewish people the right of “self-determination in their own state.”

Lewin is an MP for Bury South. He stated: “It is for others to decide whether you are anti-semitic, but what is absolutely clear is that you and Seamus Milne do not believe in the right of the Jewish people to self-determination in their own state.”

He added: “This is different to your view on the right to self-determination for every other minority community…All too often you have been unwilling to condemn those whose hatred of Israel becomes Jew hatred, this is incompatible with being a lifelong campaigner against racism.”

The MP has since denied the sexual harassment allegations that were thrown against him. He claimed that the disciplinary process for the said issue had been prolonged because of “political reasons.”

Lewi served as a minister under the previous Labour government. He also attacked the stance of Corbyn on Brexit. He described him as a “lifelong Eurosceptic seeking to conceal your true beliefs from your ardent supporters within the party who are overwhelmingly pro-European.”

A spokesperson for the Labour Party stated: “Jeremy Corbyn thanks Ivan for his service to the Labour Party.”

He added: “The Labour Party takes all complaints of sexual harassment extremely seriously, which are fully investigated in line with our rules and procedures and appropriate disciplinary action taken.

He continued: “This case was referred to a full hearing of Labour’s National Constitutional Committee. The process is the same for everyone.”