Mydeal App Introduced By HSBC

By mattbuck from Wikimedia Commons

HSBC recently launched the MyDeal app to new clients. The app was introduced to help in simplifying the processing information from investor roadshows through real-time updates on transactions and logistics.

HSBC believes that the app will transform the experience of chief financial officers, chief executives, and treasurers of large borrowers and equity issuers as they go to roadshows and execute equity and large debt raisings.

The new app will aggregate information including deal pricing, the feedback and profiles of investors, and orders of clients. It will also keep track of significant details such as contact information and flight delays.

Niall Cameron, the global head of corporate and institutional digital of HSBC, said that the Mydeal app “radically simplifies some of the most time-consuming and stressful parts” with regards to the process of raising capital via capital markets.

He added: “It gives you real-time access to all aspects of your deal – all available in one place.”

The app is available on both desktop and tablet, the app utilises APIs in order to be able to centralise data that are coming from various channels and bring all the information together through easy-to-read visuals and graphs. The clients will then be able to see all the live deals and even the older ones, thus lessening the mountains of paperwork that they have to encounter.

Since the new app was initially launched internally for trial last November 2017, the bankers of HSBC have been able to test the Mydeal app with over 30 deals that are valued at more than $25bn (£19bn), across high-yield and investment grade bonds, and even equity deals.

The head of equity capital markets for the EMEA region at HSBC, Adrian Lewis, said that the new tool is “bringing the capital markets into the 21st century.”

HSBC is planning to release the My Deal app on an app store for its clients later this year.