Nationwide Down: Card Payment Problems Struck Customers Across the UK


Customers of Nationwide, a building society, across the United Kingdom have been struck by problems regarding their cards.

Transactions online and in stores were declined, and some people were not able to withdraw cash from ATMs.

A Nationwide spokesperson informed reporters that the issue was a consequence of IT issues rather than “nefarious” activity such as a cyber-attack.

The building society is currently working to fix the issue and said that it is hopeful that customers can now withdraw cash without problems.

In a statement that was posted on its website, Nationwide stated: “We’re really sorry, there’s a problem that’s causing some card payments to be declined online, at cash machines and in-store.

“We’re working hard to put this right as quickly as we can.

“Everything else is working normally.

“Thank you for your patience – we’re sorry for any problems this may cause you.”

Angry customers turned to social media to report the problems.

Posting on Twitter, the social media site, one user called Harriet posted: “Nationwide is being terrible. Can’t make any transactions or take money out because the system’s down.”

Other users said that they were left “embarrassed” after their cards were declined at store checkouts.

Gemma posted: “Left starving on a nine-hour shift cause I can’t buy any food.”

A spokesperson for Nationwide informed reporters: “Due to a technical issue some customers are experiencing intermittent issues when attempting to pay for goods and services; we ask those affected customers to reattempt the transaction.

“All other services remain available, including the ability to withdraw cash from ATMs. Customer service remains our top priority, and we are working hard to restore normal service. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”