Netflix Unveils ‘High-Quality Audio’ Update


Netflix is set to sound a lot better.

Reportedly, the firm is releasing a new “high-quality audio” update that should mean that the sound will be vastly improved – so long as the users have the right equipment to actually hear it.

It says that the new feature was inspired by the fact that most of its shows might not actually sound right unless they are sending down the best quality sound. However, that sound quality is limited by the internet connection of the viewer, and if it is slow enough then they might miss out on some key bits of the audio.

It says that the new feature will improve the sound that the viewers hear vastly. And it is made to be “adaptive”, enabling it to deliver the best audio that it can over whatever internet connection people are using.

Netflix already utilised such technology in video, which is why the quality of a stream might improve while the viewers watch it, as the internet connection speeds up or there is enough time to download more high-quality videos. Using it in audio will allow the viewers to get high-quality sound even if they have a limited connection, in the same way.

Netflix said that anyone that has a TV that can play 5.1 audio should be able to use the update. While the improvements might not go immediately noticed, the company said that they can make a significant difference to the experience of watching a film.

In an announcement, Netflix wrote: “Some of the most iconic moments in TV and film are defined by their score.” It added: “Without its beautiful theme music, would The Crown be as majestic? Would the eeriness of Stranger Things come across in the same way?”

It continued: “Often the subtlety of sound may go unnoticed, but it can have a profound impact on the atmosphere of a scene and fundamentally change how a viewer responds to it.”